The VaultMax™ system combines the world’s most advanced battery control system with advanced lithium-ion cells in flexible units scalable from 500kWh to 4 Megawatts and beyond to match your application needs.

PATHION packages reliability and performance by seamlessly integrating PATHION RackPro energy units into a standard shipping container. This infinitely scalable unit includes all mechanical support structures, HVAC, fire suppression, lighting, and safety controls.

  • Continuous cell-level voltage and state of charge notification

  • Automatic 24/7 fault identification, notification, and isolation

  • Designed for 100% system uptime backed by a performance guarantee

  • System data uploaded to secure data platform for remote monitoring, diagnosis and performance analysis

  • Remote cell-level monitoring, operation, and performance in one easy-to-use interface

  • 20+ year design life

  • Automatic disconnects for safe, low-voltage maintenance during system operation

  • System can be easily integrated with other energy assets for system-level optimization

500kWh Unit (Side and Top View)

Back to Back 1 Megawatt Unit  (Top View)

PATHION VaultMax™ Contents

  1. LIthium-Ion Cell Packs
  2. Fire Suppression System
  3. PATHION Energy Management System
  4. HVAC System
  5. Battery Control Panel
  6. Power Inverter



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