PATHION RackPro™ – Provides scalable configurations for commercial and industrial solutions with reliable low cost energy storage for a wide variety of applications, including energy backup power, electricity bill reduction, electrical islanding and renewable micro-grid operation.

The PATHION RackPro™ system combines the world’s most advanced battery control system with advanced lithium-ion cells in a flexible unit available in three different energy storage sizes to match your application needs.

PATHION RackPro™ can be used in a wide range of applications, including to reduce utility demand charges, increase solar self-consumption, provide backup power, or take an entire home or facility off-grid. Additional energy storage modules can be added to certain PATHION units to expand system capacity if a customer’s energy needs change or expand over time.

Battery Agnostic

PATHION's Energy Management System allows for virtually any battery chemistry and delivers a path to utilization of higher energy storage cells in the future

Easily assembles on site

Easy and fast system can be built in less than a day


Communicates directly with a wide variety of inverters


Controls up to 9 Energy Applications

Stacks energy applications across performance optimization, operating cost reduction and revenue generation



Fully cycles all cells to increase energy and eliminate cell damage



Constantly monitors and updates operator of system and component health.


PATHION's Energy Management System is the only EMS system to optimize it's electrical architecture in real time to improve performance and life.


Manages faults to eliminate system downtime and emergency maintenance events.

Data Analytics

Automatically uploads system data to a secure cloud where it can be analyzed.

  • Cell-level dynamic balancing on each charge cycle

  • Cell and system temperature monitored at more than 280 points throughout each Rack Pro system

  • Continuous monitoring and control of current and power throughout system

  • Automatic fault detection, isolation, and alerts

  • Real-time optimization of electrical architecture to account for the system state of load demands

  • Remote operability and control

  • Reconfigurable DC output voltage range for maximum inverter compatibility and improved efficiency

  • Proven, high-performance lithium-ion cell technology

  • Easy interfacing with fire suppression system, lighting, HVAC units, and other equipment for full system monitoring and control via a single user interface

  • Fast response time limited only by power electronics

  • Building block for 690 kWh PATHION VaultMax™ storage system


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