California Energy Commission “Local Government Challenge Grant” project receives highest score in its category

On April 11th the Center for Climate Protection received news that it had been awarded, along with its Project partners including PATHION, $1.7M in funding for a project that will help the state achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals and that aims to develop a replicable model for deploying Distributed Energy Resources (DER) that optimize building efficiency on a community scale. Distributed Energy Resources are solar, energy storage, energy efficiency, demand response, and other tools that help integrate local energy resources.


The purpose of the grant is to identify local governmental projects that can help attain the energy efficiency goals laid out in 2015’s SB 350 and related bills. MCE is the lead agency for the team applying for the grant.

The project aims to achieve broad deployment of energy efficiency, other carbon-free DER, facilitate local renewable energy integration, and seek low-cost solutions toward achieving its climate goal of delivering 100% carbon free electricity for its community by 2025.

“Pathion is excited to be part of the team leading this very important project for the state of California. As a result of this project’s replicable solution, Community Choice agencies will be able to target and scale distributed energy resources across their service territories, thus achieving lower costs, stronger financials, and better customer engagement,” said Greg Thomson of Pathion.


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