PATHION has acquired the assets of Spider9, ensuring uninterrupted support for all of Spider9 customers and a strong product roadmap

Los Gatos California – November 10, 2015 – PATHION Inc. today announced that it has closed an exclusive asset purchase and licensing agreement with Spider9 Inc., a provider of energy storage systems (ESS) and robust software that deliver industry leading reliability and performance. The agreement includes all of Spider9’s intellectual property, licenses, and products. PATHION has begun to manufacture, market, and sell Spider9’s high performance, safe, and reliable energy storage systems under the name PATHION Power. It is providing uninterrupted support of Spider9’s current customers, expanding to a wider set of markets, and accelerating its product roadmap.

“After careful evaluation of a number of energy storage systems companies, PATHION rated Spider9’s systems and development teams as the absolute best. The addition of Spider9’s OSE (Operating System for Energy) modular software and energy storage platforms to PATHION’s applied materials and battery roadmap will provide our customers with an even more complete set of solutions. We expect to double Spider9’s storage capacity using PATHION’s advanced cells in the near future, and that’s just the beginning,” said PATHION Chairman and CEO Mike Liddle.

The product line up features an integrated lithium-ion battery energy storage system with highly sophisticated internal controls that optimize cell life and safety. It automatically reconfigures around individual problem cells and allows the hot-plugging of replacements – all without loss of power. In addition to these internal controls, the external side of the system supports the advanced functionality required to effectively manage micro-grids and hybrid renewable-grid configurations. Where the system interfaces to a grid, it enables both cost reduction from energy arbitrage and revenue generation via demand response.

“PATHION’s acquisition of Spider9 products enables a much wider set of customers to use our high performance systems that incorporate our proprietary cell management technology. This technology provides auto-reconfiguration in the field should a cell fail – with no loss in system performance, said Dave Park, Spider9’s Chief Operating Officer and now PATHION’s VP of Systems Engineering. “In addition, we support advanced features including sophisticated management of hybrid two-way inverters for environments that connect to both renewables and grids. All of our platforms provide advanced functionality, such as frequency and voltage synchronization, demand response, as well as remote monitoring and reporting. It is designed from the ground up to be safe and reliable.”

This agreement complements PATHION’s core business that focuses on advanced lithium-ion materials and batteries. These building blocks will serve to increase the energy density of Spider9’s products to deliver on an accelerated product roadmap.

About PATHION Inc.

PATHION Inc., is a privately held corporation existing under the laws of the state of Delaware (“PATHION”) and headquartered in Los Gatos, California, is a vertically integrated technology company whose mission is to design, develop, build and sell safe energetic materials, cell, batteries and energy solutions for commercial, industrial and government agencies. PATHION, Inc. has acquired the rights to key advanced materials developed in the process of research and development at the esteemed Los Alamos National Laboratory under a cooperative research and development agreement. Under the terms of the license agreement, the company has joint ownership of the underlying research and the exclusive rights for the commercial development, manufacture, use and sale of the technology, and advanced materials therein. The company also has received recognition from the US department of energy for its fire resistant lithium a solid state advanced supersonic conductor material (AdSIC), and received an ARPA-E grant from the DOE in conjunction with Los Alamos National Labs. PATHION, Inc. is thus uniquely positioned to provide critical power technology for a broad array of devices that fundamentally change the way they operate and their cost of operation.

About Spider9, Inc.

Spider9 Inc. is a Northville, MI based company that provides energy storage with industry-leading reliability and performance through its advanced energy storage systems controllers. Spider9’s energy storage products are made smarter by the use of the company’s patented Energy Operating System (OSE) software and controls platform. The OSE improves the safety, reliability, lifetime, and cost of ownership of energy storage systems by leveraging enhanced data with the industry’s only dynamic management capabilities. Spider9 systems are designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and utility customers. Spider9 was founded in 2011 by a team of Fortune 500 executives and world-class engineers seeking to make energy storage feasible and cost-effective through the use of intelligent system controls. Building on technology originally developed at the University of Michigan’s Real Time Computing Laboratory, Spider9 created the OSE platform and a range of advanced, flexible energy storage solutions. These products can be used to reduce energy costs, improve power reliability, and meet a range of other grid and end-user application needs.

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