Partners are one of PATHION’s strategic advantages in building a solid foundation of acquiring Intellectual property IP blocks to support future battery architecture. Currently work is being performed on our advanced super-ionic conductor technology (AdSIC) has over nine national labs, eleven universities, three private/public sector partners and 60 scientists worldwide who have published 7 papers representing the technology and the modeling of the materials.


Pathion is a fully integrated energetic applied materials and advanced device energy company that maps onto the US Dept. of Energy’s spectrum of research, development, demonstration and deployment functions. Our focus in working with our world class team of scientist are in ionic transport, chemical transformation and material optimization. Our partnership allows us access to world class tools and end to end integration for our customers. Our team of scientists have the domain expertise to model, characterize, test and qualify materials. The key is understanding the advanced methodology on not just how this happens but how to reproduce and stabilize the process in high volume at a reasonable cost.