PATHION Advanced Energetic Materials

Our focus on advanced materials enables much higher energy cells and leads to batteries that significantly outperform any available on the market today. Acting as both a licensor and license, PATHION will continue to adopt new and innovative materials, chemistries, as well as battery and systems architectures and related designs.


Our first and most publicized license was obtained early in the company’s existence. It is LiRAP™, a highly energetic solid state material (Lithium Rich Anti-Perovskite). When used in the binder of cathodes and as an electrolyte in Lithium battery cells, two primary benefits result:

  1. Doubling of the voltage or more, resulting in as much as four times the greater energy density (the square of the voltage)
  2. Straightforward manufacturing process without extraordinary materials cost

The basis for improvement in energy is ionic conductivity – in reality a measure of the ability of ions to transfer through the electrolyte. The more conductive the electrolyte, the greater the number of ions cross over to create charge. As indicated above, power and energy are functions of the square of the voltage. Doubling the voltage (within LiRAP™ capabilities) leads to power or energy at a factor of four times greater safely and reliably.

PATHION utilizes these technologies for its own products where design and manufacturing capabilities are a good fit. High energy batteries for sensing, industrial control applications and energy stationary storage systems through our PATHION Power product line are good examples. Batteries that blend power and energy performance for commercial, industrial and government are also key segments.