Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

PATHION’s advanced energy storage systems include a software, data and controls platform that fundamentally improves the way smarter energy works.

PATHION offers a range of advanced flexible energy storage systems solutions. These products can be used to reduce energy cost, improve power reliability, and address a range of microgrid and renewable storage applications. PATHION Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are made smarter by the use of the company’s patented Energy Management Operating System software and controls platform. The Energy Management Software improves the safety, reliability, lifetime, and cost of ownership of energy storage systems by leveraging enhanced data with the industry’s only dynamic management capability. The site controller manages the charging and discharging of advanced battery cells that if not monitored can lead to permanent damage, so most systems purposely under-utilize cells to prevent harm. Our patented system allows PATHION to extract more energy from each cell, without compromising reliability, or safety. The product line consists of a fully integrated product mix which incorporates proprietary Energy Storage Systems, Energy Management System and software, and optional long-term maintenance and monitoring. Depending on the customer type or need (commercial, industrial, critical power, micro-grid or utilities) the size and configuration of the hardware will vary and the Energy Management System software is adapted for each system to optimize the distributed energy resources and the demands placed on them.

PATHION Power Vault Max™ – Packages reliability and performance by seamlessly integrating PATHION Power Rack Pro energy units into a standard shipping container from 1MW and beyond. This multi-megawatt unit supported by our Energy Management System architecture is modified to include all mechanical support structures, HVAC, fire suppression, lighting, and safety controls.

PATHION Energy Management System – Operates at the heart of the microgrid or other integrated networks for system level control, optimization and monitoring of all electricity generation and storage assets in real time. Its open architecture interacts with virtually any battery bank chemistry, inverter, or energy source – providing state of the art functionality. Additionally, the Energy Management System Software allows for the use of energy applications including frequency regulation, demand response, backup power, peak shaving and renewable microgrid operation. No other system even comes close to delivering the capability and safety.

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