Leading PATHION is a seasoned and passionate management team committed to growing the company and maximizing partnership value.

  • Building and successfully managing companies from start-up through IPO and M&A
  • Establishing and leveraging strategic partnerships
  • Manufacturing, marketing and selling products and services
  • Creating agile and lean organizations
  • Working with investors and advisors to maximize stakeholder value

 Our executive staff is comprised of:

  • Michael Liddle, Chief Executive Officer
  • George Jones, President
  • Glen Haubl, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Vineet Dharmadhikari, Chief Technical Officer
  • Scott Garrison, Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Steve Lapinski, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Craig Froome, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Business Development
  • Dean Strausl, Vice President of Operations
  • Mike Hamann, U.S. National Sales Manager
  • Cory Williams, Managing Director, PATHION Australia
  • Dave Hurley, Vice President of Marketing Communications



Michael Liddle, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Liddle is CEO of PATHION and also serves on the company’s board of directors. Liddle has a broad background spanning 30 years in executive, financial and operational roles in both public and private companies.  Prior to PATHION, Liddle served for 5 years as CEO of Home Director, Inc., a public company, which had spun out of IBM, and which he took over to complete a turn-around. He guided the company through several rounds of financing and a complete re-organization. Home Director was a leading supplier of technology infrastructure for new homes and offered complete solutions for entertainment, security and energy management.

Prior to Home Director, Liddle held managing director positions to provide consulting services to major corporations, early stage technology companies and venture capital firms raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, ultimately becoming a managing director of a boutique investment bank. He also held roles as CEO, building executive teams, growth and exit strategies at semiconductor, set-top box, networking and internet companies. Additionally, he built strong operating and financial plans, management teams, boards of directors and access to customers both domestically and internationally.

Liddle was one of the first employees of Electronic Arts as part of the marketing and programming team that introduced some of the leading games to the market. Subsequently, he held executive level positions in sales, product marketing, and business development at Slate Corporation, Autodesk, Avistar Corporation, and Eyematic Interfaces, pioneers in mobile computing, engineering, collaboration, and recognition and animation. Slate Corporation was one of the first mobile computing companies, providing technology to various government agencies, including the military and intelligence departments. Avistar provided secure video communications and data collaboration solutions used by licensed securities firms, the US military and several embassies around the world. Eyematic Interfaces was a leading provider of embedded access control technology and biometrics used in hardened facilities around the world.

Mike holds a B.A. in Economics from The University of California, San Diego. He has served as a director of both public and privately held companies.



George W. Jones, President

Mr. Jones currently serves as President of PATHION Inc. Prior to PATHION, Mr. Jones was VP/GM of Applied Micro’s Connectivity Products. Featuring telecom and datacom interface chips, he drove the group’s revenue growth by 10%/quarter in 2012 and 2013 to exceed $100M and become AppliedMicro’s largest business unit as measured by revenue. Mr. Jones led the divestiture of TPACK, a Denmark-based subsidiary where he had served as president. The company was sold to Altera Corporation after it played an important role in building “bridge” products that led to a very solid mainstream product lineup that continues with a #1 market share to this day.

Prior to AppliedMicro, as RMI Corporation’s first VP of Sales, he built a high performance sales team from the ground up to win significant engagements with Tier 1 networking, security, telecommunications systems, consumer, and media customers, leading to $80M of revenue. The company was acquired by NetLogic. The year following the acquisition, the RMI business unit met its $120M revenue earn-out threshold. NetLogic was later acquired by Broadcom.

Mr. Jones co-founded Sand Hill Angels, a leading angel investment group in Silicon Valley on whose board of directors he currently serves. He was also a co-founder and chief executive officer of Phase II Technical Sales, a leader among technical sales representatives. Phase II drove complex component and subsystem engagements with offices from Spokane to San Diego. Phase II had engagements with Altera, Intel, Fairchild, GlobespanVirata, LSI Logic, National Semiconductor, and QLogic over the course of 15 years. Prior to Phase II, he held sales and marketing positions at VLSI Technology and Mostek.

Mr. Jones earned an MBA at the Wharton School, and a holds a bachelor of electrical engineering from Georgia Tech.



Glen Haubl, Chief Financial Officer

Glen Haubl serves as Vice President of Finance. A senior executive with more than 30 years of leadership in both public and private companies, Mr. Haubl has been a CFO for ten years starting at Panasas Inc. a venture-backed startup and several smaller startup companies.

Haubl also held the position of treasurer at Maxtor Corporation, a fortune 500 company.  He has over 15 years of experience successfully completing mergers and acquisitions, and the IPO of Maxtor.

Haubl earned a BS degree in accounting and an MBA in finance from the University of Santa Clara.


Dr. Vineet Dharmadhikari, Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Dharmadhikari, an entrepreneur and 30 years Industry veteran is the CTO and acting Senior Vice President of Engineering at PATHION Inc. Prior to Joining PATHION, he served as Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Ultrasolar Technology and as Chief Operations Officer at Stion Corporation, both ventured backed startups in the renewable energy. Previously, he was also the co-founder and CEO of Optimus Energy Systems International, a Renewable energy project developer focused on design, build, & operation of efficient, technologically-advanced PV power plants world-wide.

Prior to his work in the renewable energy, Dr. Dharmadhikari, served as Vice President and General Manager at KLA-Tencor (NASDAQ: KLAC), a provider of process control and yield management solutions for semiconductors and solar industries with over $1.5 billion in revenue and at Novellus Systems, Inc. (NASDQ: NVLS, now acquired by Lam Research Corporation), a leading supplier of semiconductor capital equipment with over $1 billion in revenues, Vice President of Engineering at Intevac, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVAC), Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Aixtron AG (NASDAQ: AIXG, formerly Genus, Inc.) and Senior Principal Engineer at Intersil, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISIL, formerly Harris Semiconductors). During his stay at Harris, he was also involved as a Harris assignee in the startup of SEMATECH (a US consortium formed for the revival of US semiconductor equipment and manufacturing technology).

Vineet holds his PhD and MS in Physical Sciences and completed his Post-Doctoral research at University of New Mexico in Photovoltaic-Ferroelectric Non-Volatile Memory devices. He has over 50+ technical publications and 4 patents.








Scott Garrison, Senior Vice President of Sales

Scott Garrison has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing sales and business plans within a variety of industry sectors including Software, Hospitality, Gaming, Golf, Lighting and builder services.  He possesses extensive experience at the executive level in operations, business development, acquisitions, and sales and marketing.

In the beginning of his career, Garrison opened multiple new golf courses throughout the United States for American Golf Corporation.  Recruited by the Morey Corporation, an international company. Garrison lead the acquisitions of Desert Falls Country Club and Mesquite Country Club then oversaw their operations.  Working with the Izod Golf division, Mr. Garrison opened other new companies in the golf industry such as, La Coq Sportif, and Clubessential, a KKR Company.  Garrison served as COO/VP of Sales for Monarch Promotions, the largest promotional company west of the Mississippi. Garrison helped develop and create 180 Connect Network Solutions which he managed until its acquisition by DIRECTV in 2008.

Garrison founded Linq360 and The Integration Center. The companies delivered technology solutions to businesses around the world including: HP, Verizon, Microsoft, Avnet, Samsung, Four Winds Interactive, MiCamp, Lottery.com, Sinclair Broadcast Group and Gatehouse Media.

Scott Garrison was awarded Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by The Technology Business Alliance of Nevada.



Steve Lapinski, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Steve Lapinski is Senior Vice President of Marketing, charged with defining and driving PATHION’s leadership position in the market. Key areas of responsibility include strategic planning, corporate marketing, product marketing and corporate communications. Lapinski brings more than 30 years of experience leading strategy and marketing in high technology companies.

Most recently, Lapinski directed an internal startup at NETGEAR. Prior to that, he served as corporate vice president of marketing at Spansion, a world leader in embedded flash memory systems. He has also held senior marketing positions at AMD, S3 Graphics and Cyrix.

Lapinski brings a wealth of experience rolling out highly effective campaigns in the PC, networking, software, wireless, consumer electronics, and industrial market segments. He has managed product and corporate marketing driving brand strategy, PR and communications, and has successfully provided integrated solutions, delivering comprehensive product definitions and profitable revenue growth in both software and hardware portfolios.

Lapinski has a B.S. degree in business from Illinois State University and an MBA from the University of Northern Illinois.


Craig Froome, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Business Development

Craig Froome has a background in commerce, law and environmental management with extensive consulting experience. Mr. Froome’s expertise includes solar energy deployment options, energy economics, and renewable energy policy. He has undertaken numerous projects looking at renewable energy deployments for government and industry. With the University of Queensland School of Economics, he has worked on the I-Grid Research Cluster with the CSIRO Distributed Energy Flagship, an Australian collaboration between the CSIRO and five universities investigating technologies and practices to make our electricity networks smart, greener and more efficient. Mr. Froome has undertaken a number of consulting projects that has looked at the deployment of renewable energy technologies including shopping centers, industrial parks, and ports. Mr. Froome, holds degrees in Finance, Business Law with an advanced degree in Sustainable Development.


Dean Strausl, Vice President Operations

Dean Strausl is the Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain Management for PATHION bringing over 30 years of operations experience. Before joining PATHION, Strausl spent six years consulting in the energy/materials industry. Strausl is an innovative electronics supply chain manager; founder of five manufacturing companies in the electronics industry, two in Asia, one in Europe and two in the US; Founder of the Electronics Supply Chain Association (ESCA) as well as the Japan Electronics Supply Chain Association (JESCA) and served as its executive director for 10 years. He has held numerous senior operations and supply chain management or advisory positions with Philips, AMD, Xilinx, NeoMagic, Hitachi and Renesas as well as contract manufacturers and foundries.

Strausl earned his degree in business from San Jose State University.


Mike Hamann, U.S. National Sales Manager

Mike Hamann serves as PATHION’s National Sales Manager in the United States, bringing over 30 years of sales and management experience.  Prior to joining PATHION, Hamann owned and operated Fountainhead Energy Inc, an energy company serving commercial and industrial customers selling natural gas and electricity contracts. Hamann also worked with CAM Solar to provide solar solutions to business and industrial customers across New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Previously, Hamann served as National Sales Manager for Game Golf, a San Francisco Tech startup, building a team of independent reps, opening new accounts and achieving significant revenue growth in the first year. He has also served in regional and national sales roles at Adidas Golf, Nike Golf, and Home Director. Leading with a passion, Hamann motivates his team to work in a consultative and trustworthy manner. His primary philosophy: maximize customer success and the rest will take care of itself.

Cory Williams, Managing Director, PATHION Australia

An experienced and entrepreneurial CEO, Board member and Adviser with more than 20 years’ experience in fast-growth companies, business transformations, and venture capital related enterprises. Mr. Williams provides a proven record in strategy, new business development, and marketing – spanning several different industries and countries and known for his success in raising investment capital for unique opportunities.

Mr. Williams most recently served as CEO of ASX-listed CleanTeQ where through his changes in personnel, shareholders and business strategy, grew from a market capitalization of A$12 million to value in excess of A$500 million within 18 months. Mr. Williams holds post-graduate degrees in Finance and Accounting.



Dave Hurley, Vice President Marketing Communications

Dave Hurley is the Vice President of Marketing Communications. Hurley has over 25 years experience communicating emerging technology propositions and supporting the sales and marketing efforts of those technologies by developing effective programs, promotions, and tools for awareness, consideration and enablement.

Mr. Hurley served as global program manager for HGST Storage, a Western Digital Company, helping to build new vertical markets and creating programs that leverage word of mouth and social media platforms that deliver sales conversion. At SanDisk Corporation, he served as senior manager of global retail marketing for mobile, entertainment and gaming sectors of the business. Prior to joining SanDisk, Hurley was director of marketing at Home Director Inc., served as vice president of marketing at Universal Internet and as director of marketing at SmartAMERICA Development Corporation. Hurley holds a B.A. in marketing communications from San Diego State University.