Los Gatos California – March 28, 2017- PATHION Inc. was selected to receive a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of a team delivering an innovative solar + storage solution under “Solar +: Taking the Next Steps to Enable Solar as a Distribution Asset.”  With this grant, PATHION will deploy its advanced energy storage technology to increase support for local renewable energy while advancing grid operations.  This project will prove that targeted distributed energy resources (DER) can be optimized rapidly across the state using a replicable and cost-effective approach.

With this grant project, the PATHION Energy Storage System (ESS) will provide multiple integrated services with one storage installation – increasing the solar PV hosting capacity of the circuit, optimizing and balancing circuit load and generation, delivering ancillary services to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), and providing local grid resilience as a utility service.  This innovative storage configuration will be interconnected on the utility side of the meter, with the PATHION Energy Management System optimizing the performance of the local energy system and communications with both the utility (PG&E) and the regional balancing authority (CAISO).

The grant team, led by the Clean Coalition, will utilize this deployment to drive required advancements in policy, interconnection, and market mechanisms that will fully value this energy storage configuration. In collaboration with additional project partners that include the City of San Francisco and the Mission Housing Development Corporation, this Valencia Gardens Energy Storage (VGES) project will also be designed to provide resilience to Valencia Gardens, a major multi-tenant housing facility in the heart of San Francisco that serves elderly and other at-risk populations.

This important grant project is designed to deliver a replicable model for the state and beyond, demonstrating that distributed energy storage can be targeted, sized, and located to deliver an optimized local energy solution with superior grid performance and economics for all stakeholders.

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