Energy Management System Open Microgrid Platform

PATHION’s Energy Management System is an open system architecture network hub operating at the heart of the Microgrid providing a hardware and software interface to virtually any battery chemistry, solar panel, genset, inverter, and renewable energy source efficiently.


In designing and installing a microgrid, multiple components from multiple manufacturers are utilized for the implementation of the generation, and distribution of power. To integrate all pieces together and provide uninterrupted service, a smart Energy Management System (EMS) must be implemented. PATHION’s EMS open architecture serves as the complete system manager in a microgrid setting.


Provides for future battery brands and other componentry reducing replacement risk


Multiple energy management application options allow for shifting demand conditions



Solar panel choice independence supporting self-healing & self-adjusting


Saving on energy costs and built-in predictability


Cloud based monitoring alerts updating the operator of system and platform health


Allows for any battery chemistry, solar panel, genset and biomass components

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