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PATHION Marine Power Core™ energy system delivers the most advanced hybrid lithium-ion energy system for vessel propulsion in the maritime industry.

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Los Gatos California – December 8, 2015 – PATHION Inc. today announced that it has begun to market and sell high performance, safe and reliable PATHION Marine Power Core energy systems for the maritime industry under the name “PATHION Marine”. The product is already operational and demonstrable in a 70 foot vessel located in the Port of Los Angles and commercially available today. The PATHION Marine Power Core energy system includes the PATHION Marine Power Core propulsion system and PATHION Marine Power Core lithium-ion battery modules. PATHION Marine’s Power Core energy system delivers a sustainable and clean energy for marine applications and is available for sale today in several predetermined configurations and can be specified for craft ranging from 20 foot rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) to displacement vessels over 500 feet . PATHION Marine will focus on vessels for government, public transportation, patrol and security on a worldwide basis.

“We are excited to introduce the PATHION Marine Power Core energy system to reduce dependence on fossil fuels on the open water,” said PATHION Chairman and CEO Mike Liddle. “Under the new PATHION Marine brand, we can currently demonstrate a PATHION Marine Power Core energy system that has been approved for ocean travel in our current 70 foot vessel. It is powered unlike any other vessel in the world with its PATHION Marine Power Core propulsion system and PATHION Marine Power Core lithium-ion battery modules which can be charged either from shore power or running the internal diesel engines while underway. This is a maritime industry first. We are already receiving U.S. government as well as international interest in similar boat configurations from countries looking for much higher energy efficiencies and for environmentally friendly craft.”

The customer benefits of the Power Core energy system include operations up to 50 nautical miles on a single charge from the Power Core lithium-ion battery modules or for use as shore power resulting in a 80% reduction in consumption of fossil fuel. The Power Core propulsion system is a combination of UltraJet drives which propel the boat from the Power Core energy system and the Power core large scale advanced lithium-ion battery modules. Operating at high charge and discharge rates, the Power Core energy system works seamlessly with hybrid traditional diesel engines which are capable of charging the system while underway. The current 70 foot vessel also has virtually no heat signature and runs in quiet operation making it valuable for military or law enforcement stealth operations as well as environmentally friendly to sensitive areas for sustainable harbor transport.

This system is also capable of supporting shore power needs as a floating portable power station when anchored. The current 70 foot vessel can produce 480 kWh of power and for an external source can produce 480 volts of 3 phase power making the vessel an ideal source of power for emergency services or in the event of a natural disaster. The PATHION Marine Power Core energy system is the next giant leap in delivering clean energy for the maritime industry. The company is currently working with three leading vessel suppliers to deliver various configurations to commercial and US government military vessels.

About PATHION Inc.

PATHION Inc., a privately held Delaware corporation (“PATHION”) with headquarters in the Silicon Valley and offices in Northville Michigan, is a vertically integrated technology company whose mission is to design, develop, build and sell safe energetic materials, cells, batteries and energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial, and government agencies. PATHION, Inc. has acquired the rights to key advanced materials developed in the process of research and development at the esteemed Los Alamos National Laboratory and unique battery management patents from the University of Michigan. The company also has received recognition from the US Department of Energy for its fire resistant lithium a solid state advanced super-ionic conductor, and received an ARPA-E grant from the DOE in conjunction with Los Alamos National Labs. PATHION, Inc. is thus uniquely positioned to provide critical power technology for a broad array of devices that fundamentally change the way they operate and their cost of operation.

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