PATHION’s advanced technologies and services deliver safe, affordable, and smart energy systems with optimal energy savings, control, and independence.

Energy Storage Systems



Ranging from 500kWh to 8 Megawatts and beyond designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, microgrid and utility customers delivering renewables performance optimization, operating cost reductions and revenue generation in a single system




A unique patented design makes PATHION systems safe, resilient and designed to deliver 100% uptime backed by a performance guarantee. When combined with PATHION’s unique secure cloud monitoring technologies, the result is the world’s most advanced energy storage system.



PATHION energy storage systems offer unmatched quality and performance at dramatically lower lifetime costs than competing systems. Only PATHION systems are designed to stack multiple application services providing a return on investment for behind and in front of the meter applications.




Real-time system usage, status, and environmental conditions can all affect energy storage system operation, meaning that typical systems are almost never truly optimized. A patented electrical design allows PATHION to flex in real time to ensure systems operate at peak efficiency.


Energy Management Systems

PATHION’s energy management system serves as the complete site manager across the microgrid for optimal electrical resiliency

Grid Versatility

PATHION offers advanced grid-facing applications including voltage support critical to both utilities and programs like demand response and frequency regulation that generate revenue and can reduce demand charges by as much as 80%.

Commercial & Industrial

PATHION ESS solves the rising and variable costs associated with facility power and allows businesses to reduce energy costs by using stored electricity to reduce peak demand and can also provide backup power during grid outages.





PATHION’s Energy Management System open-architecture operates at the heart of a microgrid or other integrated networks for system level control, optimization, and monitoring of all electricity generation and storage assets.

Marine Energy Systems

PATHION Marine’s Power Core™ Energy Systems focus on vessels for government, public transportation, patrol and security on a worldwide basis


The Power Core propulsion system is a combination of UltraJet drives which propel the boat from the Power Core energy system and the Power core large scale advanced lithium-ion battery modules. Operating at high charge and discharge rates, the Power Core energy system works seamlessly with hybrid traditional diesel engines which are capable of charging the system while underway.

Shore Power

This system is also capable of supporting shore power needs as a floating portable power station when anchored. The current 70 foot vessel can produce 480 kWh of power and for an external source can produce 480 volts of 3 phase power making the vessel an ideal source of power for emergency services or in the event of a natural disaster.

Cleaner Oceans

PATHION Marine Power Core propulsion system and PATHION Marine Power Core lithium-ion battery modules deliver sustainable and clean energy for marine applications. Delivering up to 50 nautical miles on a single charge from the Power Core lithium-ion battery modules. For use as shore power, a 80% reduction in consumption of fossil fuel is achieved. Available in configurations ranging from 20 foot rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) to displacement vessels over 500 feet .

Advanced Energetic Materials

PATHION is focused on new energetic materials that do not catch fire, enable a much higher energy cell and leads to batteries that significantly outperform any available today on the market


This patented new electrolyte material (Lithium ion Rich Anti-Perovskite or LiRAP™) lends itself specifically to high performance storage architectures designed around new age, well matched, rate limited anodes and cathodes coated by an ultra-thin layer of PATHION electrolyte.



In terms of safety, LiRAP (a solid) prevents swelling, out-gassing, and the growth of dendrites between cathodes and anodes. These three conditions represent the primary root-cause failure modes of today’s liquid electrolyte-based Lithium Ion batteries. Such liquids are prone to overheating and combustion – properties that limit the use of the most promising Lithium Ion and other new battery chemistries.


Higher Ionic Conductivity

LiRAP provides improvement in energy density and power as a function of its higher ionic conductivity. The more conductive the electrolyte, the greater the number of ions that cross over to create charge. Prototyping of LiRAP has yielded results at 10¯3  siemens – approximately two orders of magnitude better than today’s competing solid state electrolytes.